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Popping up at area bars or catering an event, you'll see Pickles N' Smoke offering some of the most memorable BBQ flavors you've ever had! Pulling influences from KC, the Carolinas, and Alabama, to create a unique party for all your senses!

Stay tuned for dates Pickles N' Smoke will be popping up at 12440 San Pablo Ave. (sharing space with Mississippi Catfish)!!

Throughout the Fall & Winter of 2022/23 Pickles N' Smoke will be popping up at Flowerland Nursery in Albany!  BBQ Sammiches, Croisskets, and meat by the pound will be offered.

During the summer of 2022, catch Pickles N' Smoke at the The Factory Bar for their Boozy Brunch promotion.  Homemade croissants, and our own cured/smoked bacon have become area favorites, expanding our menu and our craft!


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